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The advisor did not discuss with you how you would meet your mortgage payments once you had retired

Other repayment options were not discussed

The advisor did not discuss with you that you would be paying the interest on your mortgage

Mis-sold Interest Only Mortgages

If you’re thinking your interest-only mortgage was mis-sold you’re not alone!
For most of us our mortgages are by far the biggest and most important loan we will ever have. The mis-selling of interest only mortgages has been widely publicised confirming that thousands of individuals were mis-sold unaffordable, inappropriate interest only mortgages by financial advisors, brokers and lenders.

How do I know if my interest only mortgage was mis-sold?

Were you sold a mortgage by a broker or lender after 31st October 2004?
At the time you took out your mortgage did your lender, financial advisor or broker:-

  • Properly assess your individual circumstances?
  • Provide you with a recommendation reflective of your personal circumstances?
  • Provide you with information regarding all other options available to you?

If you have answered “no” to the above or are still unsure whether your interest-only mortgage was mis-sold call our friendly team today on 0330 058 0571 for a free, no obligation initial investigation of your particular circumstances.
Our expert teams can establish whether your mortgage was in fact mis-sold and the extent of your financial losses as a result.


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What exactly is a
mis-sold mortgage?

Many thousands of home owners across Britain are now looking into possible mortgage mis-selling compensation due to being let down by negligent brokers or lenders.

If you have been provided with an unaffordable or inappropriate mortgage, after 31st October 2004 and before 2014 where there is little or no chance of you being able to pay your mortgage off at the end of its term, then it is possible you may have valid grounds to claim.

If you feel either the lender or broker breached one or more of the regulatory rules which govern the sale of mortgages (MCOB); you may have cause for a complaint or a claim for any losses you may have incurred to date that may affect the entire term of the mortgage.

Within FCA (MCOB) regulations and rules it states that brokers and lenders must ensure the mortgage is affordable for you, not only at the start of the mortgage, but throughout the term and even where the mortgage takes you into retirement. Many customers after paying years of interest only mortgages found that after their mortgage term had ended, they could not afford to repay the full loan amount, resulting in people losing their homes. This is due to the broker choosing a product which is financially better for themselves and not their clients.

Have you had an Interest only mortgage?

Have you had an Interest only mortgage?<br>

Common issues arising from mis-sold interest only mortgages

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates mortgage advisors, lenders and brokers and clearly sets out rules regarding the advice that must be provided regarding the sale of mortgages.

FCA/MCOB regulations state that brokers and lenders must ensure that the mortgage was affordable for you. Not just at the start of the mortgage, but also throughout the term of the mortgage.

Our teams realise that if your interest only mortgage was mis-sold you may have experienced the following issues:-

  • Inability to pay your mortgage
  • Unreasonably high fees [paid to broker, advisor, lender]
  • Negative equity
  • Inappropriate interest rates
  • Repossession

A simple and streamlined
claims process.

  • Step 1

    You may be required to answer a few simple questions on our online questionnaire.

  • Step 2

    One of our experienced claim handlers will contact you for your free, no obligation claim evaluation.

  • Step 3

    An agreement will be made between you and our solicitor on a no win, no fee* basis giving them permission to act on your behalf.

  • Step 4

    Once your solicitor makes an agreement on your behalf, you will be awarded your compensation.

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