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The mortgage wasn't suitable for you

The advisor failed to establish your attitude to risk

Other repayment options were not discussed

The advisor failed to complete a fact-finding exercise during the sales process

The advisor did not have full knowledge of your financial situation

The advisor did not discuss with you that you would be paying the interest on your mortgage

An affordability assessment was not completed

The advisor did not discuss with you how you would meet your mortgage payments once you had retired

Mis-sold Interest Only Mortgages

Many mortgage providers, lenders or brokers, may have given negligent mortgage advice.

You can request a free assessment to see if you were a victim of this.

Fill in the form to find out if you have a claim for compensation.

Tired of worrying about debt? We all know that feeling. If you are missing mortgage payments, or struggling to make payments, you may have been given inadequate advice from your broker or lender on mortgage suitability, if so you may be able to claim compensation.

  • Interest-only mortgage, part repayment
  • Repayment mortgage with debt consolidation
  • Does the mortgage conclude past retirement age?
  • Have you the means to pay off your mortgage capital?
  • You may have been overcharged for interest or fees!
  • Have you fallen into arrears? Are you trapped in your mortgage?

Many lenders have mis-calculated payments and in some instances applied incorrect interest rates.

Contact us now to start your claim.

All claims are conducted on a no-win no fee basis.



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What exactly is a
mis-sold mortgage?

Many thousands of home owners across Britain are now looking into possible mortgage mis-selling compensation due to being let down by negligent brokers or lenders.

If you have been provided with an unaffordable or inappropriate mortgage, after 31st October 2004 and before 2014 where there is little or no chance of you being able to pay your mortgage off at the end of its term, then it is possible you may have valid grounds to claim.

If you feel either the lender or broker breached one or more of the regulatory rules which govern the sale of mortgages (MCOB); you may have cause for a complaint or a claim for any losses you may have incurred to date that may affect the entire term of the mortgage.

Within FCA (MCOB) regulations and rules it states that brokers and lenders must ensure the mortgage is affordable for you, not only at the start of the mortgage, but throughout the term and even where the mortgage takes you into retirement. Many customers after paying years of interest only mortgages found that after their mortgage term had ended, they could not afford to repay the full loan amount, resulting in people losing their homes. This is due to the broker choosing a product which is financially better for themselves and not their clients.

Have you had an Interest only mortgage?

Have you had an Interest only mortgage?<br>

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a compensation claim?

If you think you have a claim, you need to act quickly as there are statutory deadlines known as limitation periods that apply to mis-selling claims.

If you believe you have been mis-sold a mortgage or a loan and have lost out financially due to unsuitable advice you may be entitled to compensation.

Contact us now and we will undertake an assessment of your claim FREE of charge on a no-obligation basis. In the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful it will not cost you anything.

I don’t have any of the loan or mortgage papers
We obtain all the necessary paperwork direct from the lender. Please supply the name of the lender and start date if you know them.
My loan or mortgage is paid off – can I still claim?
What do I need to do?
What if I have had more than one mortgage or qualifying loan?
How long does the claim process take?
Do you handle the claims yourselves and are there any fees?
Is the personal information I provide you with secure?
Can I do the claim myself?

A simple and streamlined
claims process.

  • Step 1

    You may be required to answer a few simple questions on our online questionnaire.

  • Step 2

    One of our experienced claim handlers will contact you for your free, no obligation claim evaluation.

  • Step 3

    An agreement will be made between you and our solicitor on a no win, no fee* basis giving them permission to act on your behalf.

  • Step 4

    Once your solicitor makes an agreement on your behalf, you will be awarded your compensation.

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We are a professional claims management company; we have been working within the financial claim sector for over 12 years, and the legal specialists we work with have vast experience in processing financial claims. We endeavour to understand your circumstances and provide clear practical advice.

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We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and consistent level of client-focussed service.

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Our assessment team is comprised of highly trained individuals, led by industry experts, with decades of experience.

Efficient service

Our legal team will help you find out if you can claim compensation, due to mis-selling, on your mortgage, pension or secured loan.

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Your case will be dealt with by a panel of friendly and approachable lawyers, always on hand to discuss any issues that may arise.

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